Welcome to Yellow Dot Women

If you are interested in learning and developing, in becoming the best person that you can be, then you have come to the right place.

Yellow Dot Women is here to help you answer the big questions: Who am I? Where am I going? What do I want when I get there?

We can help you move away from anxiety, low self-esteem and a sense of being stuck towards a happier, more fulfilled life – one lived with purpose.

When you work with Fiona she will listen patiently, strive to understand you and empathise with your situation but she will also challenge you to achieve your full potential.

How you learn is up to you.  Yellow Dot Women offers:

  • One to one coaching for women who want to develop at their own pace in a confidential environment.
  • Workshops for women who like to learn alongside other, like-minded women.
  • A regular blog to challenge your own, personal learning journey.

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