Let’s Talk About Mondays

Image by David Mao courtesy of Unsplash

Ok, let’s talk about Mondays.

This is the first Monday of my new Yellow Dot adventure and I am feeling annoyingly optimistic and positive about it. But it got me wondering about the weird social discourse we have about Mondays, we are told repeatedly (in the media, by colleagues, in film & music etc.) that Mondays are miserable, a day to be dreaded.

The start of a new year is a time of unbridled optimism whilst the start of a new week is just a return to misery. But why?

Ask yourself are you really miserable because it’s Monday or do you just think you should be?

If you are feeling pretty good, go for it, hit your week head on and have a productive day. I wish you well.

If you are genuinely feeling miserable then I wish you better.

I am going to guess at some of the reasons for regular Monday misery:

1. Maybe you enjoyed the weekend a little too much and you are feeling jaded (OK hungover and sleep deprived). That’s ok, your Monday will kick in around lunchtime, in the meantime be kind to yourself, have some coffee and do a little bit of quiet planning then got on it when you feel more human. If this happens every Monday you might want to have a word with yourself…

2. You hate your job. That’s not ok. Life is too short to be miserable every day – do something about it. If you don’t know what to do seek some help – helplessness is a habit.

3. You love your job but dislike your colleagues (or one colleague in particular). That’s not ok either. Basically you have three choices and being miserable isn’t one of them; rise above it – refuse to let him/her affect your mood or challenge the behaviour you dislike – do this calmly and assertively with the aim of making things better or move on, find a new job. Again, if you don’t know how to do this, seek help.

4. Weekends are just so wonderful you want them to last forever. Lucky you! It sounds like your life is going well – why save it all for the weekend? Find ways to bring some of that weekend magic into your week.

This is your life and you are in control – maybe Monday is a good day to remind

yourself of that.

So, what wonderful things are happening at the start of your week?

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