Be Careful what you Wish for

Dandelion clock against pink sky to illustrate blog be careful what you wish forYou will all have heard of the phrase “be careful what you wish for”.  Over the last two or three weeks I have had cause to reflect on it more than usual, so I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

I have been working with a number of women who are contemplating major changes in their lives.  Some of them are motivated away from a source of discontent; for example, a difficult relationship or unfulfilling job.  Others are motivated towards something that they particularly want; starting a business or re-locating.

Part of my job as a coach is to remind clients to “be careful what you wish for”.  It is not in my nature to be negative or to squash a woman’s dreams and I need to be clear that this is not what is happening here.  I would always encourage clients to embrace change.  However, with every change you make in your life, the gains are accompanied by losses.  It is just as important to consider the potential losses as it is the gains.

For example, some years ago we stayed at a little B&B in St Ives.  The owners told us that they were selling up and moving back to their home town of Altrincham.  It had been their dream for many years to take early retirement, move to Cornwall and open a B&B and they were proud of the fact that they had made it happen.  However, what they hadn’t considered was how much they would miss their grandchildren.  The children could only visit in the school holidays and the school holidays were, of course, the busiest time for a B&B.  Quick visits up North in the colder, winter months just weren’t enough.  For this particular couple, the loss far outweighed the gain.

So, if you are contemplating change, please do be careful what you wish for.  Make sure that you consider the losses as well as the gains, and then, when you are sure, go for it!

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