Lift your Head Up

Looking up through autumnal trees to a blue sky Lift Your Head UpIt’s Monday morning.  The chances are you have arrived at work, taken off your coat, put your head down and run straight into task mode.  Stop.  Lift your head up and pay attention.  Take a moment to think before you plunge straight into action.

Think People

Look at your colleagues and remember that they are people with lives beyond the task.  They are your support network, your work tribe.  Look at them through a kindness filter and try to work out if anyone might need your support today.  It only takes a moment to build up someone’s confidence and self-esteem so look for opportunities to praise, applaud and generally be a cheer-leader for your team.

Think Creativity

Take a look at your to-do list or Trello board and look for opportunities to be creative.  Find ways to make tasks more fun, more collaborative and/or more efficient.

Think Courage

There comes a time when you have to stop avoiding a problem.  Be brave and make today the day that you have that difficult conversation or tackle those tasks which are, quite frankly, too hard/too boring/too emotionally challenging for your comfort.  The alternative is to allow them to hang over you, clouding your whole week with dread – please don’t allow that to be an option.

Think Learning

Learning and growth are essential parts of your personal development.  Look for opportunities to learn this week.  You don’t need formal training to learn – just take yourself out of your comfort zone and you’ll find learning opportunities waiting for you.

Think Wellbeing

Look for ways to reduce your stress levels.  Plan in some breaks.  Take a walk at lunchtime.  If the weather is just too awful for a walk, find five minutes to just stare out of the window and breathe.  Take care of yourself.

If you can do all of this and still get things done then you are well on the way to becoming a fully functioning woman.  So, lift your head up and look the world in the eye.  You’ve got this.


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