Easter Resolutions

photo of blossom to illustrate blog on Easter ResolutionsThis weekend I have been soaking up the sun (and eating chocolate) and pondering the nature of renewal.  Many religions have spring festivals which celebrate the idea of birth and re-birth and renewal – all in line with nature.  The fields are full of spring lambs, the flowers (and weeds!) are emerging and new life seems rampant.  It effects people too – the Cornish beaches have been full of locals and visitors alike, shedding their winter clothing and exposing pale bodies to the warm freedom of sunshine.  It all makes me wonder why we don’t make Easter resolutions.

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions.  People put themselves under pressure to make multiple life changes when the days are short and cold, when it barely gets light before the long night begins again.  In January I am usually fighting an urge to hibernate – being up and dressed and at my desk constitutes a major achievement without the added pressure to lose weight, exercise more, give up alcohol etc.  Trying to execute such change in the middle of winter goes against nature.  It is punitive and often destined to fail.

Spring, on the other hand, is a time full of optimism.  I want to eat healthily and the fields are full of fantastic produce (anyone who knows me knows I get ridiculously excited about the first Cornish asparagus each year).  I want to be out walking in the fresh air, or swimming in the sea.  So why not make Easter resolutions and have a greater chance of success?

But it’s not just physical change.  Spring is a great time to make emotional and psychological change too.  Mood and confidence are often lifted by sunshine.  In the clear light of day it is easier to see the dust and to sweep it away.  It is why we spring clean our houses but the same applies to personal change too.  Now is a great time to set goals, to plan and to implement the change you want to see in your life.

That is why, later this afternoon, I will be sitting down to make my own Easter resolutions.  And, of course, I always have time to help you with yours too.

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