A picture of Fiona Crump from Yellow Dot Women wearing a blue stripey dress and patterned scarf, standing outside in a garden

Fiona Crump

Hello, I am Fiona Crump, founder of Yellow Dot Women.  I am a counsellor, a coach and a facilitator with over twenty years of experience in developing people.
I have had a diverse career – from retail manager to Director of a Learning and Development company.

I have two adult daughters, two granddaughters, a large extended family and a dog.  Alongside working and raising a family I have trained to be a counsellor, completed a BSc in Psychology, qualified as a Master Practitioner of NLP and as an NLP Coach.

I am not telling you this to show off but just to say – I get it.  Working and raising a family is hard – fitting in time to study, to learn, to grow as a human being is harder still.  Add being a woman into the mix and it is no wonder we are often exhausted, over-stretched and possibly under-performing.

When I work with other women I bring all my skills, knowledge and training with me but I also bring myself, my experience, my empathy and my understanding.  I will never judge you for being you, I just want to help you to be the best you that you can be.

I like to remind women that many of the things which make life hard are the same things that make life rich and wonderful.  It is all just about balance.

I look forward to sharing your journey with you.


Yellow Dot Women

Yellow Dot WomenYellow Dot Women is dedicated to women’s development.

Through it I provide coaching, workshops and development programmes for women and write a blog about issues affecting women and their personal and professional development.

You can read more about the name “Yellow Dot” here.  This blog piece explains how the ‘yellow dot’ in question represents, for me, that perfect seed inside us which craves the right conditions for growth, that is just waiting for the opportunity to bloom .  Yellow Dot Women aims to help you find those conditions in your own life so that you can blossom and grow.

You might also be wondering why, after years of working with men and women, in teams and as individuals, I have decided now to focus on women.  Well, first of all, it is worth pointing out the obvious – I am a woman. I have, therefore, experienced many of the joys and disappointments that being a woman can bring, I have achieved many of my life goals and encountered multiple obstacles along the way – some of those opportunities/obstacles existed purely because I am a women.

I believe I have something meaningful to say on the subject but you can read more on this subject here.

For now, all that remains to be said is that I hope you find what you need here.