Continuing Personal Development

photo of child up ladder reaching for the sky for Continuing Personal Development PlanHow many of you have a CPD plan?  I am not talking about professional development here but Continuing Personal Development.

Many of you will have a clear idea of what training and development you need in order to progress in your chosen career.  In fact it is possible that you belong to professional body which tells you how and where you should be spending your personal training budget.  That’s fantastic, but what about your personal development?  How much time, energy and money are you investing in yourself?

Career success depends on many factors such as personality, cognitive ability and demographics as well as acquired skills and work experience.  If you are made of the right stuff and you work hard you can expect to see the desired results in terms of salary and job role.  If you measure your success in terms of achievements all will be well.

However, financial and career achievements are not the be all and end all of success.  The real challenge lies in getting there without feeling overwhelmed, with your confidence intact and your stress levels under control.  Being riddled with anxiety, imposter syndrome and a fear of failure is not success.  Success without fulfilment is a hollow victory.

Continuing Personal Development focuses not on the “doing” but on the person doing it.  If you are aiming for success it’s a good idea to have a plan.  Take note of your personal strengths and weaknesses and find the best way to address them.  Do you need to become more resilient?  Is your self-esteem as solid as it could be?  Are you able to be open and congruent in your communications?  Is your work aligned with your personal values?  Is your work-life balance working for you?

Coaching is a good way to identify your starting point and to devise a Continuing Personal Development Plan.  A good coach can help you to make sure that your goals are aligned with your strengths and abilities, can help you to find a balance that allows you to have a fulfilling and happy home life as well as a successful career.

Take the first step by clicking on the help button below.  The first session is free so all you are investing is an hour of your time.  Are you worth it?